Sine’s SAML 2.0 SSO solution allows your company to have ‘’ users provisioned and logged into Sine via your chosen identity provider (IdP). This IdP-initiated login will take the user to their Sine account without the need for a Username/Password. 

Please note:

  • Provisioning of access to sensitive company data is done separately, using the AD integration for hosts and through manual team provisioning for admins.
  • This is a fully managed service and requires a large or enterprise plan.
  • This configuration can only be requested by someone with Team Administrator access to their organisations Sine account.


For provisioning, your company SSO administrator will need access to the settings of the Company's chosen Identity Provider (IdP).

Sine will confirm your preferences for the following settings:

  • Company name listing (i.e. "Sine Group Pty Ltd")
  • Preferred session timeout (i.e. "2 hours") (N.B. This session length is listed in seconds. Default should be 7200 seconds)
  • Domain(s) to be included (i.e."") (N.B. multiple domains can be listed at this point, or added in the configuration later)

These are the assertions we are expecting to be sent from company IdP:

  • "givenName", Basic Information, First Name
  • "sn", Basic Information, Last Name
  • nameid-format:emailAddress

Once you have this information, please contact us and your request will be escalated to our technical team. 

SAML Issuer:

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