Auto Check-out

If you leave the geofence of the Site with Auto Check-out enabled, Sine Pro will automatically check you out of that Site! This feature allows you to ensure you will always have accurate times for your attendance at a Site or allow the users monitoring the Site to accurately keep a record of who is currently checked in.

Note: This feature can be switched on by the Sine Pro mobile users or be enforced by Administrators of the Site. If enforced, this will override the profile setting of Sine Pro mobile users.

Turning Auto Check-out On

Please follow the guide for your specific platform, listed  below:


  1. Login to the Sine Pro mobile app and navigate to your Profile page

    2. Touch Site Preferences

    3. Select which Site you wish to Auto Check-out from

    4. Toggle Auto Check-out to On


  1. Login to the Sine Pro Mobile app and navigate to your Profile page

   2. Scroll down the page and switch Auto Check-out to On

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