Sine Invitations module is equipped with Outlook integration, Google Calendar or iCal, inviting guests to your Site when you send them a calendar invite. For this feature to work correctly:

  • The email address you are sending the calendar invite from must be the same as your Sine Host email address.

For convenience, please also add [email protected] or [email protected] to your contacts list.

Note: In order to use this feature, please ensure the Email Calendar Invitees toggle under Site Settings>Notifications is Enabled. Contact your administrator to ensure this setting has been toggled on

Inviting Guests

To Invite guests using Google Calendar:

  1. Open Google Calendar. 

  2. From the main page, click Create

 3. Enter your Meeting Subject and Meeting Time

 4. Enter your Site Location

 5. Add your guests. Be sure to add [email protected] or [email protected] as a recipient as well. 

Note: Hosts at your site will not receive meeting invites

6. Add any additional information in the free text box, this will be included in the email

7. Click Save

8. You will receive an email from [email protected] asking you to confirm your meeting. (If you do not receive this email, please check your spam/junk email folder.)

If you have more than one Site, select the Site which you would like to invite guests to.

9. Once you have confirmed the invitation, the invitees will appear in the Invitees tab of the web dashboard

10. When your invitees accept the invite to the meeting, you will receive confirmation emails as you normally would.

Note: Updates made to the event in your calendar app are not sent to Sine and changes will not be reflected on the Sine dashboard. To update the invite in your Sine dashboard, delete your calendar event and create a new one with the updated details. 

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